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Testimonials for Western Romance Company-Billings,
Montana Wagon Train Adventures

Perplexing Times, Washington
Easily the single best experience we had in all of our many Montana adventures was the evening we spent just east of Billings in the fine company of Pappy and his family at the Western Romance Company Cowboy Dinner. It's a horse-drawn wagon ride, an evening of authentic cowboy cooking, and fellowship with the single best people we met on the whole of our trip to Montana. Full Review

Rick & Pamela Celia, Minnesota
Hello Jonathan,
Pamela and I really enjoyed meeting you and Pappy. The time we spent with Pappy was unforgettable. The ride was great and now I can say that I have had the pleasure of riding a mule. Jim is truly a Caddy on hooves! We especially enjoyed having Pappy sing and play for us. Anyone who does not like yodelling has never heard the sweet soft notes from Pappy. Please let us know when your CD is ready. He speaks highly of your vocal skills and I am looking forward to a fine compilation. Kind Regards,

Monica Pham- Cornell Univeristy, NY-(Part of Happy Pappy and the Ringers)-
Hi Jon!
Thanks again for a great time horseback riding! Emily and I really enjoyed ourselves and made it to the wedding on time. We had the best time - your trip was the highlight of the day :-)

Elizabeth Webber, Billings, MT
Hi--Many thanks for the great ride William and Derek enjoyed Friday morning!! They want to come back.

Jim and Lynn Terra-Coventry, R.I.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you folks. Our friend Betsy, couldn't stop talking about the horseback ride on the prairie. Nice of you folks to accommodate her. Lynn and I wish you all the best of luck in the future. You all are truly great representatives of the Big Sky country.

Ken and Deborah Sabel-Arnold, MD
I want to say that Deborah and I had a fantastic time on your tour and the Cowboy cookout was wonderful. We really appreciated all the personal touches. As an actor and being familiar with creating authentic period scenes on stage, I particularly appreciated your parking vehicles out of sight at the cookout site. That was one of those "little things" most people probably wouldn't notice. It really looked and felt like the chuckwagon was rolled out there just for the cookout. Really nice touch! Again, thank you, your mom, and your dad for a splendid and memorable experience. It was really great to experience a "piece of the Old West" without the usual touristy gimmicks one normally encounters.

Barb and Dave Catherwood, Canada
We have finally made it home.... and we have to say the riding and cookout was without a doubt of very high point of our 3 weeks so we wanted to thank you guys again. I could listen to pappy's stories for ever not to mention his songs. The only thing I think we would have improved on was booking 2 days of riding. That is how much we enjoyed it.

Loretta Smithers- Kentucky
     Jonathan, We had a wonderful time with you all at the cookout. Happy Pappy and Noreen were great along with the food! From the time we saw you and the wagon; I think Dad was just blown away (no pun intended)! He was so tickled with the horseback ride he could hardly talk about anything else. We have told everyone about the cookout and how if they ever get out there, they need to go. We would love to come back given the chance and sit around the campfire hearing stories and more songs. Please thank everyone again for providing us with a great finish to a wonderful time in Montana!!

Carlton Mullinax from Spartanburg, SC
A great specialty tour that is real west.

Mark Hoffman, president NTA (National Tour Association)
The type of adventures and experiences offered by Western Romance Company is what is needed in the current changing market.

Elizabeth Kibodeaux, Director Billings Chamber of Commerce
You folks always make the biggest bang!!! Our guests were very pleased and entertained. Please let Happy Pappy know that his singing and entertaining was a hit. Thank you for helping us to make Billings a great place to travel and visit.

Marge and Sherm Herrington, Hoosick Falls, NY
Our whole trip was great but I will always remember
the Canyon Creek wagon ride.

Bob Williams-Madison, AL
For me the highlight was the surroundings. The country there is so different from what Iím used to. The vastness of it nearly takes oneís breath. Couple that with the authentic costumes, buildings, chuck wagon, smell of the food, stories, remoteness, singing, etc. and you have a most interesting setting. One other thing that impressed me was the down home friendly feeling we experienced from all the crew that day.

Cleve W. Laird-Simi Valley, CA
My wife and I were with the WWC Tour in September and greatly enjoyed the bumpy wagon ride, the chuck wagon lunch and entertainment. Because we enjoyed the experience so much I thought you might enjoy the pictures that I took during that event. Both my wife and I were so taken with the beans she has asked if you might share the recipe with her. We clearly understand that this request may be beyond fulfillment, but we had to ask as they were so good.

The Struntz Family-Minnesota
Dear Happy Pappy, Norma and John
     We wanted to thank you so much for the fun filled day. Our vacation was 10 days and the day you planned for us was definitely our finest. It is a day me & my family will always remember everybody was so nice to us and the day just flew by. Breakfast was awesome and it was made better with the Outlaw Queen singing for us. Dinner was fantastic and the pow wow was so much fun. I would also like to really thank John for showing us around, he was great and my kids really loved him. P.S. Jessica wants John to get in the 2000ís with those CDís for the next time we come. HaHa Again thank you so much for the great memories we will forever carry you guys are the Best in the Business.

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