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Montana Nature Photos and Rocky Mountain Pictures/Images

Images by Dan Bareither

We are proud to launch this webpage for those looking for Montana Nature pictures and mountain and lake images. You are free to use these pictures at your convenience as we have put them on our website for your convenience and viewing.

The Only stipulations and legalities with regards to using these pictures are the following.

1. We ask that if you use any of these images, that credit is given to each photographer who took them.

2. If any of these images are used on another website or commercial use of any kind, we ask that you add a link to the WRC homepage. For those whom would like copies of originals, please contact us directly with your request in writing and the exact image number. If you have other images that you would like to donate and put on this webpage, please email them to us and let us know who took the image.


Due to the size of each picture, we opted to condense all pictures down for faster loading and easier viewing for your convenience.

Although WRC has many copyright images, we do keep originals to all our pictures to verify the validity of our images. We hope you enjoy the images that were taken by our staff and wranglers during the different events we either participated in, sponsored, or catered. We love to portray the natural beauty and Rocky Mountains that the Big Sky Country of Montana has to offer.

Montana sunset and outdoor video

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