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This is my experience from Montana.
These are some of my experiences while I went to Huntley, Montana to help Western Romance Company near Billings. I went up for a week to help and ride horses of which I love to do. Now I'm back in School as well as follow Mitt Romney for the 2008 Presidential Elections, I have put together some material, pictures, and explanations about the different things I did and what is offered there. Feel free to contact me at jondmcniven@yahoo.com for additional inquiries. Until then, Enjoy!!!
As I was there, I ate steak prepared by the Chuckwagon Camp. This was done during the Holdup where I got to play cowboy again like the olden days when I would go and help Pappy on the sheep ranches where our living quarters were the sheepwagons themselves. I even got to sing some cowboy western music with the guitar and my harmonica. This is definitely a Western Adventure to remember along the plains of Montana where they call it Bluerock. This is the film site of the movies Lonsome Dove and Far and Away. This is outside Billings on the way to Custer's battlefield and reenactment in Crow Agency, Montana. I have been to all these places including Pompey's Pillar Rock where Lewis and Clark signed their names. I completed my Eagle Scout Project here to help preserve the wildlife habitat at the historic monument.
(This is out of date but enjoy anyways.) Now that I'm here at school and finishing up, these are some of the things I'm doing here. I have been working in a research lab for 2 years now in The Capco Research Laboratory. I've been nominated to be a "Campus Candid" which acknowledges students who have high GPA's (3.77) and nominated to do research at the Mayo Clinic. I also participate in the university and it's clubs, sports and their functions, Spanish Club and classes as well as the of which I'm currently pursuing entrance into higher Education (finger's crossed). So it's at the end of this road that I need to start looking for the next point of reference. So where do I go from here, Montana, California, Wyomning, Nebraska, Texas, or just stay put in Arizona. Now the decision doesn't just include me but my family as well. So only time will tell. Enjoy the Links. Jonathan
P.S. You can check the captions and new features I added to the pictures!! This is also my test page for internet webpages and other webpage trials.

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