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Custer's Last Stand Reenactment (Guided Tours)
Site of The Battle of the Little Bighorn Battlefield

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     Enjoy Custer's Battlefield where the famous Custer's Last Stand Reenactment occured.      Custer's Last Stand Reenactment and Battlefield bring visitors from out of state to view and experience what is was like in the days of Custer and his men while traveling in the West. From the mountains to the valley, enjoy a day of adventure with a guided tour of Custer's Battlefield and our western adenture of a day. While visiting the grounds of the reenactment, enjoy that atmosphere, culture and activities that the Crow natives provide during the Big Horn Days. A parade, One of our horseback riding adventures takes place on the reservation near Custer's Battlefield National Monument where the actual battle and reenactment are located. Enjoy the historical mile and a half that General George Armstrong Custer rode before his last battle. This half-day ride is known as Custer's Ride. Along the banks of the Little Big Horn River, horseback riding is an enjoyable way to explore and experience the western outdoors. From motorcoach groups to small traveling groups, these horse rides are for all in viewing the outdoors, land, mountains, and terrain in Montana's big sky country. Transportation can be provided from Billings, Montana to where the historical landmark called Little Bighorn Battlefield is located. It also provides many surprising elements of the west.


If you've never been to Montana, your tour guide, outfitter, wrangler or escort will give you a quick lesson on how to dress, act, observe and view the country side. You'll be prepared to hit the trails and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is offered in Montana. However, don't expect to learn everything for these sightseeing skills take years to master and must be learned over time.

Almost all of the viewing opportunities you will find in Montana that we offer is outdoors. Western style tours, or historical landmarks, are viewed by many but be prepared to get out and enjoy country settings not well known to the masses. The Battle of the Little Bighorn poses many battles and historical markers to be able to fully understand what was taking place in the days of Custer in the West. A comforting thought to keep in mind when planning day adventures in the moutains and valleys, is be prepared for unexpected wildlife.

Many Destination Management Companies offer half-day trips to multi-day trips as do we. All are very rewarding in thier respective areas. Our adventure company is well established and family owned, making a guides great source of information about the history and geology of the land, history, and area by locals. An assett to the local cowboys and cowgirls is likely to be full of local stories, legends and experiences. Another assett to the local Indians and Native Americans is likely to be full of thier local stories, legends and experiences. Some companies offer combination whitewater rafting, fly-fishing, and horseback riding options as do we. With so many possibilities, the whole family will be satisfied in coming to montana and exploring the wonders of mother nature and great diversity that Montana offers from The Battle of the Little Bighorn to Custer's Last Stand Reenactment.

There are reasons why the Native Americans dress as they do, and you will want to be ready for the colorful head dresses and clothing they wear. Long pants or jeans made of sturdy animal fur such as buffalo hide are necessary to protect oneself from the cold. Covered shoes or moccassins are essential to traveling, hunting, or casual appearences. You never know when the weather is going to be so cold that your feet might get frost bite, so warm clothing for the natives is important. A hand made scarf is always handy by either tying it around the neck for protection and keeping cool/warm during the changing months. While Indians are known to ride bareback on horses, saddles are provided these days for others to stay on and have an enjoyable activity.

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